Random Labs

Random Labs 2.0

Generate random passwords and lotto combinations


  • Customizable password generation
  • Can also generate lotto numbers


  • Doesn't explain differences between methods

Not bad

If you run out of ideas when selecting a new password you should try a program like Random Labs before starting to use your dog's name everywhere.

This simple tool enables you to create brand new passwords randomly, just by selecting the character map and the number of characters you want to use.
Random Labs uses diverse techniques but unfortunately it doesn't state the differences among them. What's more, you even have to register to use one of them.

Besides creating new passwords, the program also enables you to generate random lotto number combinations. In all, it's not the best password generator out there but at least is better than using your dog's name.

Random Labs provides tools for obtaining and manipulating strong random numbers and to generate passwords and lotto random numbers. Random numbers acquired with this software fall in 2 categories: one is True Random Numbers and the other is Cryptographically Secure Pseudo-Random Number Generators (CSPRNG).

Random Labs


Random Labs 2.0

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